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Content Discovery
& Personalization

Need to engage your users and gain more from your content?

VO’s intelligent, easily managed and measurable content discovery gives your users cross platform, personalized experiences that simply work!

Enhance engagement and customer satisfaction

Delight your users with fine-tuned, relevant and appealing suggestions, based on smart algorithms. Provide them with a service that works to find their content, instead of making them work to find it.

Content Discovery & Personalization

Extend content exposure

Provide your viewers with the content that is most suitable to their context. This will improve their content utilization and ARPU, based on improved user experience and customer satisfaction.

Get to know your users

Data collected about user viewing preferences, habits and usage provides visibility and insights into your audiences and can be monetized, allowing addressable advertising.


Improve Content market fit

Provides tangible measures to enhance the content discovery experience; enable continuous improvement of content market fit and user satisfaction.

With Viaccess-Orca’s intelligent discovery you’ll deliver on your promise – effective, state of the art recommendations and personalization that enables smart monetization.

Content Discovery

Content discovery made easy: clear, easy to use web-based interface to manage backend components
Comprehensive recommendations: targeted to the profile’s preferences and viewing habits; provides insights as to why a recommendation was provided
Smart search: enabling viewers to easily find relevant content, includes auto-suggest; advanced search analysis provides visibility into the top searched items, conversion rate, zero and irrelevant searched terms
Personalization: aggregates  sources and displays supporting information, based on viewing habits, which can speed up purchasing decisions

Analytics: insights into effectiveness of sources of conversion to improve user satisfaction, content acquisition and monetization

Quick onboarding with flexible options: minimal intervention required to implement CD services; outbound layer APIs adapt to every environment, on-site or in the cloud

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