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TV Business Analytics

VO’s TV Business Analytics provides actionable insights for your products, marketing and content strategies, enabling you to maximize customer engagement and revenues.

Marketing Managers can increase revenue through actionable insights that enable optimal audience segmentation to enhance new and existing product offerings

Content Acquisition Managers can fine-tune their content strategy with advanced insights into their current content consumption and content to be acquired

Customer Relationship Managers can maximize engagement and retention by providing more personalized user-experiences, services and promotions

Optimize product offerings & service strategies

  • Determine what generates your TV service revenue

    Revenue top down analysis indicates the top earning services and products

  • Uncover your audience segments

    Target each audience segments with the most relevant promotions and content

  • Unfold monetization opportunities and detect pricing related issues

    Initiate new products and business models to increase adoption of services and grow ARPU

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Utilize advanced audience measurement data

  • Discover the most watched types of Linear and VOD content

    Advanced built-in tools and algorithms protect premium content

  • Hollywood studio compliance

    Unveil your most engaging linear channels and programs

  • Obtain detailed analyses of users’ interaction with your content

    Based on content attributes such as content providers, genres and users’ viewing attributes, including device types and more

Track the viewer’s journey with content consumption attribution analysis

  • Identify the impact of each conversion source in generating usage

    Determine the correlation between the different conversion sources such as a recommendation, search, promotion and user browsing

  • Adjust content acquisition strategy, UI and flows

    Tap into your users’ interests and preferences

  • Identify gaps in your content offerings

    Discover new products and monetization opportunities

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Why VO TV Business Analytics


    • All TV Business Analytics in a single, easy-to-use interface
    • Integrates data from multiple sources such as SDP, personalization and content protection systems
    • Collects events from all device types based on proprietary data collection mechanism
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Discover how quickly you can benefit from actionable insights that will enhance your OTT and TV services
Read more: https://www.viaccess-orca.com/tv-analytics


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