We empower premium service delivery and utmost monetization to all connected devices and networks, while supporting all available formats and platforms.



Leverage a rich set of business models and advanced service bundles to engage specific audiences. Utilize ad-supported business models like AVOD to expand your user base and diversify revenue sources.



Break the technology silos and efficiently manage your TV service. Lower costs by integrating back-office operations and third-party components using an open, optimized API layer.



Interact with viewers by defining user segments and applying group operations on these segments, such as sending rich push notifications. Deliver delightful customer experiences with a host of personalized services.

Supporting multiple business models amidst smooth content and customer management, VO’s SDP optimizes service delivery and boosts engagement through innovative, top-notch personalization.

Service Delivery Platform Highlights

Content Management Made Easy
Upload, encrypt, publish and filter all VOD assets on a single screen: Instantly set up live channels and update prices or metadata.
Maximum Service Agility
Create all service offerings within minutes: Live Channels, NPVR, Start Over, Catch-Up, Pay-Per-View, TVOD, SVOD, Season Pass, Movie Package, VOD Promotions and bundles. 
Increase User Acquisition
Engage new audience with attractive offers and extend your customer-base using instant sign-up and credit card processing.
Improve customer support
Manage ALL customers in one place: View customer details and activity, communicate and grant rewards via a user-friendly, intuitive platform.
Management Console
Use a single interface to overview and manage all of your services: Consolidate content and customer management, business offering, personal recommendations and analytics.
TV Business Analytics
Identify KPI’s and get actionable insights easily, using a thorough OTT and TV analytics solution, for optimized offers, increased user engagement and maximum monetization.

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