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Service Delivery Platform

Looking to deliver state of the art TV services?

VO’s Service Delivery Platform orchestrates and monetizes
premier TV services to all connected devices.

Any format. Any platform.
Any network. Any device.
Tv Everywhere Platform

Extensive monetization

Maximize your revenues by leveraging a rich set of business models. From the common SVOD and Live packages, to sophisticated seasonal passes and advanced service bundles, you’ll be able to engage specific audiences. Utilize ad-supported business models like AVOD to expand your user base and diversify revenue sources.

Tv Everywhere Platform solution

Simplified operations
and integrations

With VO’s unified platform and management console you’ll break the technology silos and efficiently manage your service from a single pane of glass.
Lower costs as you seamlessly integrate your back office operations and third party components using an open API layer optimized for integration.

Tv Everywhere Platform services

Improved audience

Communicate and interact with your audiences effectively by defining user segments and applying group operations on these segments. Send rich push notifications to all devices (e.g, iOS,Android, STB) within these segments. Deliver delightful customer experiences with a host of personalized services.

VO’s SDP offers various business models, content and customer management
and state of the art personalization
that optimizes service delivery and enhances engagement.

Service Delivery Platform Highlights

Content Management Made Easy

Upload, transcode, encrypt and publish - easily manage your VOD assets for individual movies and full TV Show seasons, from content ingestion through offer publication.

Filter your content to find faulty files or identify SVOD or TVOD offers that require price adjustments or license window extensions.

Use simple 2-step Bulk Operation wizards to perform the changes in under a minute.

Set up your live channels, specify their metadata and streaming formats, and upload channel images.

View and update the channel EPG metadata from the same screen

Service Management for Agile Business

Instantly create your service offerings for Live, VOD and Promotional services using 3-steps service creation wizards.

Leverage a rich set of business models to maximize your service monetization:

  • Live Channel Packages, Network PVR, Start Over, Catch-Up, Pay-Per-View for Live Events
  • TVOD, SVOD, Season Pass, Movie Package, VOD Promotions (buy 1 get 1 free) and Service bundles.
  • Rent or Buy & Keep, streaming or download everything is already covered.

Any offer can be set up and presented to your customers within minutes.

Engage and Delight Your Customers

Reach out to new audiences and extend your customer base with an attractive business offering for online users who are not in your subscriber base.
These audiences can easily sign up for your online service and pay using their credit/ debit cards. 

Improve customer support

Manage your traditional and online customers from the same place. View each customer’s details, registered devices, and order and subscription activity on a single screen.
From that same screen, you can grant VOD Gifts as gratitude, or send a message to a customer after a customer support event, for example.

Management Console

Manage the whole service from a single pane of glass. The VO Management Console consolidates content management, business offering, customer management, recommendations and analytics functions in a single application.

Executives and Service Managers can see the big picture and manage the whole TV service operation from one place.

TV Business Analytics

An out-of-the-box solution provides all your Over the Top (OTT) and TV business analytics in a clear, easy-to-use interface to easily identify KPIs and their drivers, and interactively discover actionable insights.

VO's Management Console in Action

See how easily an Operator can define a segment of accounts, (such as those that subscribe to a particular service) and then send a notification to those accounts’ mobile devices. The Operator just has specify to which movie screen the mobile app should open when the notification is selected.  

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