TV Apps

How can you provide a personalized TV experience across multiple devices ?

TV Apps provide customizable apps for TV Everywhere and Video multi-screen services.

Get to Market

Get up and running swiftly, with minimal costs. Personalize your product offering with customizable apps that reflect your company’s brand and are easily aligned with the service provider’s offering.

Enjoy continuous

No development required - all settings and configurations are managed from a simple, user-friendly interface, then propagated across all installed apps, in real-time. Say goodbye to the app store submission process.

Engage Your

Enhance subscriber loyalty with a personalized user experience in which the most relevant content is presented to the user at any time. Recommendations are based on personal usage data collected, editorial needs and market trends.

Maximize Revenues
and lower expenses

Maximize ROI for content through a range of varied and flexible business models, including VOD, SVOD, VOD Packages and more. VO’s TV Everywhere Apps enable you to offer best-of-breed apps, instantly, and at a fraction of the typical app development cost. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Client Testimonial - Zia Khattak, Channel 4 TV

"The app which we developed through Viaccess is state of the art! People loved it. It is sleek, very easy to use and the quality is excellent" - Zia Khattak.

Zia Khattak is the VP of Global Care at Channel 4 TV.
See what he has to say about Viaccess Orca and why Channel 4 chosen us.

Reflect your company’s visual language with VO’s ready-made apps that are easily aligned with your service.
Offer best-of breed apps, instantly, and at a fraction of the typical app development cost. 
No need to re-invent the wheel.

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TV Apps Highlights

Comprehensive TVaaS platform offers much more than just TV apps - it provides business management, content management, content discovery and personalization, content protection, a multi-platform media player,  and an online messaging platform and advanced TV analytics.
Consistent multiscreen support supports variety of devices, sizes, types and operating systems; web, Android and iOS platforms
Continuous certification of new devices and operating systems
Effective monetization strategies for multi-screen services; flexible solution supports a variety of content business offerings including VOD (TVOD, SVOD and Movie Packages) and Live (Channel Packages, PPV, Start Over and Catch Up) and more

Fully Customizable White-Label Solution Branding with brandable components such as logo, name color scheme, labels and more
Modular services supported by the Apps can be turned on and off according to the service provider’s offering, including Live, VOD, Social TV, Purchase, Subscription and additional business models
Language Localization supports the display of multiple languages in captions, metadata and messages