TVaaS - More Highlights

Customer, content, service and device management

TVaaS Latest Features

Supports Live, VOD and timeshitfted services

Incorporates multiple monetization options, such as subscription, a la carte, PPV and advertising

Enhanced User Engagement

Keep your viewers engaged with custom recommendations targeted to their preferences and viewing habits, supported for Live and VOD content.

Provide a smooth experience on mobile, as the TV Apps open directly to the Movie Screen of the movie or show leading to higher uptake. 

Insightful TV Business Analytics

Quickly detect business insights and improve your TV services strategy, consumption and revenues, with comprehensive, out of the box TV business analytics.

Easy as Pie - Unified Management

VO's management console provides a single pane of glass for easy management of the entire TV service from one consistent, unified interface.

Effortless Customization

Adapt the TVaaS platform to your needs with our modular offer: 

- You can start with just a few services, then expand your offering over the time - without delay

– Adapt VO's white label TV Apps to your brand, or integrate your current applications

- Easily integrate legacy system components with our multiple integration plugins (REST API management)