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Anti-Piracy Services

How can I quash those video pirates?

Discover effective measures to counter the distribution of illegal premium content
on networks, portals, social networks, plugins and more.
anti piracy security

Retain subscribers and protect your investment

With the most advanced anti-piracy measures, you’ll be able to avoid loss to pirated content. Measures to combat piracy include dereferencing pirate sites from search engines and immediate removal of pirated videos on YouTube.

content security

Enhanced negotiation with content owners

With VO’s trusted and proven Eye on Piracy, you’ll have the credibility to negotiate with content owners and assure them that their content is secured.

kodi playlists

Be informed
and take action

You'll have a clear picture of illegal activity and the legal support proofs to take action against pirate content, including the ability to detect and analyze Kodi playlists and send the DMCA to impacted platforms.

VO’s Anti-Piracy services provide global marketing intelligence and monitoring and offer active measures and legal support to combat piracy.

Anti-Piracy Services Highlights

Full-fledged antipiracy solution to fight illegal Live and VoD content, guaranteeing efficient measures and the ability to meet KPIs. Continuous tracking with automated and manual 24/7 internet monitoring; pirate links are removed from Google, Facebook and Youtube before, during and after events.

Agreements at the highest levels with UGC, search engines and social networks:
Youtube: Unlimited access to close any pirate link immediately on YouTube; Google (90% of illegal events are found via Google search engine) more than 700K links deleted per day. A strong partnership with RIVENDELL, the first company to notify Google to remove pirate links; Facebook: Trusted User Agreement to submit take down notices.

Online notification of illegal site owner, ISP, CDN and UGC; sends takedown notices during live events to every illegal stream or content detected. Access to detailed statistics of piracy, including Real Time view of anti-piracy campaigns, list of link farms detected on Kodi playlists including pirate boxes, Cyberlockers, Torrent, Youtube etc. and status on takedown notices.

Live online and offline reports: weekly and/or daily reports detailing any content leaked on the internet as a result of the actions taken

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