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IBC2016 recap: It’s smarter, It’s safer. It’s VO



Our EVP Marketing and Sales, Chem Assayag, was interviewed by the IABM team at IBC about what we were up to at the show and you can watch the video below.

We unveiled our new tagline at IBC — It’s smarter, It’s safer. It’s VO — and Chem explains why we chose it as well as the highlights that could be found on our award-winning stand at the show.

“We are providing operators with the tools to really understand what is happening in terms of video consumption, viewing habits, viewing patterns, and from there extract insight,” he says. “The goal is twofold: one, to be more efficient in terms of what they do in providing content to the viewers (and making sure they have a good experience); and two, being able to use all the information which is being gathered to analyze viewing patterns, options for monetisation and more.”

As well as covering what was at the show, Chem offers some intriguing glimpses into the future, talking about security issues surrounding the growth of the IoT, the arrival of autonomous vehicles, and more.

“We think we have the right people and the right expertise to apply some of the technology solutions we have developed into the new markets, so this is one way that the company will evolve. And in our more traditional space, TV, it’s about monetisation and it’s about moving TV Everywhere into the cloud.”

You can watch the full interview below:


Nardit Mosacho

Nardit is Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Viaccess-Orca. She joined the company in 2015 and plays a key role in telling VO’s story to a widening global audience, both via content marketing and her events management skills.
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