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Introducing Voyage – The New User Journey | Viaccess-Orca Blog



In September 2014, Viaccess-Orca introduced a new name for its end-to-end TV Everywhere solution – Voyage. The name represents a journey through what VO believes is the TV content trinity: quality, user-experience and security. Speaking at IBC 2014, David Leporini, EVP Marketing, Products and Security, discussed the meaning of Voyage, and how it reflects the journey which viewers take when watching TV: everywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Think in terms of end-users first.  So, travelling from one device to the other, so you consume (content) on one device, you want to resume or set a bookmark… We strongly believe it’s from one experience to the other. So, (Voyage is about) being able to actually have a seamless experience of consuming all of the services that the operators are providing… consuming the right content at the right time", said David.

But the quality of the service, according to David, means more than just the quality of the video or the streaming. By preferring some technologies over others, end-users actually influence the next technological developments in the market. Therefore, the approach vendors need to take should be "outside-in" – or in other words an approach where the users are dictating the market changes.

Speaking about securing content, David mentioned the "dark side" of the voyage. He discussed VO's Eye on Piracy which tracks, fights and proves live content piracy. "If you are thinking about the content experience, or journey, from one place to the other, that raises new security issues. The perimeter you have to secure is extending. It may eventually leak".

He also mentioned the last World Cup games, during which thousands of illegal sites streamed live matches illegally, although audience had the ability to watch these matches for free.

"People had to find a way, on their laptops or other devices, to consume this (the live matches). So you have to think outside-in. why are people who can consume these matches for free are still going to illegal websites?"

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Photo credit: oliviertoussaint / Foter / CC-BT-NC-SA


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Merav Cunningham

Merav Cunningham led VO’s digital content strategy and execution, part of VO’s global strategy from 2012 until 2016. She also oversaw VO’s marketing content creation, VO’s blog and all social channels. Merav holds a BA in Psychology from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

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