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TV Leaders Summit 2014: Where Leaders Transform Imagination into Reality



Following on from last year’s inaugural event in Athens, the 2014 TV Leaders Summit in Madrid – scheduled for May 15-17 - promises to be just as thought-provoking, wide-ranging and inspirational. An opportunity for prominent industry figures to discuss and debate trends and developments within the TV sector, the summit will once again cover a variety of topical subjects, ranging from content strategies in an OTT World to content security.

As a tagline for this event, I have chosen a Pablo Picasso quote: “Everything you can imagine is real”. Imagination is the main driver of our industry; it is the imagination of creators that inspires a lot of the programmes content service providers offer; and the imagination of marketers and engineers that builds the services and user experience.  Our business is the outcome of this imagination and the industry is continuously turning imagination into reality.

This summit is all about market leaders and experts gathering to discuss, present and transform vision into reality.

Among the principal sessions, Brett Sappington, Director of Research at Parks Associates and the event moderator, will unveil insights from his new research about TV Everywhere 2.0 and what’s next for multi-screen, followed by a case study of Orange Spain’s new multi-screen service, as well as the following interactive panel sessions:

Content Strategies in an OTT World

Content licensing remains one of the most expensive and complex issues in video services today. With new business models, use cases, delivery mechanisms, and competitors, the world of content rights continues to evolve. This session explores the ongoing evolution of content rights and the impact of those changes on the video ecosystem.

Fighting to be Favourite: The New Emphasis on the User Experience

With increased competition on all fronts, the user experience has become a key differentiator and a point of focus for any company offering a content-related service. This session will explore success factors for a “good” user experience, innovations that impact the user experience, and how the changes in the user experience can affect the business of video services.

Guarding the Gates: New Challenges in Content Security

The growth of multi-screen services worldwide and the increasing diversity of connected devices make security of content a constant battle for content creators and distributors. New innovations and consumer use cases for moving and streaming content has added further complexity and new security risks. This session assesses global trends in content security and piracy, the impact of current connected home trends on content security, and how the industry is responding to new threats.

A number of top industry executives are scheduled to address this year’s conference. The speakers include Jean Marc Vignolles, CEO, at Orange Spain, ; Dave Alpert, CTO of HBO Europe; Tom Mohler, CEO at Olympusat; Jan van Voorn, VP Content Protection Operations EMEA at Motion Pictures Association; Antonio Russo, Director of Innovations TV Products at Deutsche Telekom; Alex Terpstra, CEO of Civolution; Olivier Dhotel, Director New TV & Video Services at Orange France; Marla Shapiro, Director - Strategic Partnerships and Content Acquisitions at Voddler and Owen Hanks, General Manager Europe at Yume.

Some of our distinguished speakers will be hosted on our blog in the coming weeks, in a series of posts running up to the event.

Last year, there was much debate on the subject of content consumption, addressing the question of how a company can be successful in the new era of the content services. We discussed subjects such as the rise of the second screen; how to make money in multi-screen, as well as rights and licensing. Here’s our YouTube playlist to recap last year’s event.

We are very confident that the forthcoming TVLS event in Madrid will build on the successes of last year – and, just as it did in Greece, give attendees a broad appreciation of the scope of Viaccess- Orca’s work and an in-depth understanding of our fast-moving industry.

I am looking forward to this event. There will be great speakers and a great audience, and I expect amazing discussions and networking.  It will provide a fresh perspective on the era of multi-screen content consumption and the way TV leaders lead it.

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