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Anne-Sophie Cornet

Anne-Sophie Cornet is Product Manager of VO’s Anti-Piracy Services. Throughout her 18-year career in the telecommunication industry, she has worked in a variety of high-profile roles, building experience in the international broadcast ecosystem, and working in software development and integration for the Pay-TV sector. She joined VO in 2010, working initially as an STB Integration Engineer, before moving on to becoming a Project Manager, and then later assuming the position of Product Manager. Anne-Sophie holds a Master's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from ISEN (Institut supérieur d'electronique et du numérique de Brest).

Recent Posts

The key role of video watermarking in the battle against video piracy

Thu, Aug 17, 2023 | by Anne-Sophie Cornet

Working closely with cloud providers to combat video piracy

Thu, Jun 8, 2023 | by Anne-Sophie Cornet

A recent collaboration between VO and OVHCloud showcases the advantages of working together to help combat video piracy.

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OTT streaming services and the problem of password sharing

Thu, Jan 26, 2023 | by Anne-Sophie Cornet

The problem of password sharing is costing the industry tens of billions of dollars a year and it’s time to fight back. [Updated Jan 2023]

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