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Einat Kahana

Einat Kahana, Director of Product Management, leads the Viaccess-Orca Analytics solution. Prior to joining Viaccess-Orca in 2014, she gained product and program management experience from several companies including Kenshoo, the global leader in agile marketing software, and Amdocs, the primary supplier of BSS and OSS software and services used by telecommunications providers. She holds MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University Recanati School of Management.

Recent Posts

How TV Insights Can Leverage Online Retail’s Power & Expertise

Wed, Aug 29, 2018 | by Einat Kahana

TV Business Analytics can provide powerful TV insights for operators and broadcasters when they incorporate best practices developed by the online retail marketing industry.

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Data and Analytics: The Importance of Getting it Right

Wed, Nov 29, 2017 | by Einat Kahana

Here is an interesting statistic: since research on spreadsheet errors began at some point in the mid-1980s an overview of the processes has concluded that 88% of all of them contain an error.

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Topics: Analytics, Big Data

TV Analytics: Personalized TV is the New Big Data

Wed, Apr 26, 2017 | by Einat Kahana

Every year, Accenture publishes a report titled The Future of Broadcasting which analyses the trends and technologies on the broadcast industry roadmap.

In 2016 it noted that market expectations in the industry had soared, and in the 2017 report, The Future of Broadcasting V, it asked where the growth was going to come from to justify the lofty future values. And Personalized TV is a big part of that. 

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Topics: data analytics, personalized TV


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