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Andy Stout

Andy Stout is a broadcast and technology journalist, who, over the course of a quarter of a century, has written for most of the major publications in the industry. He is fascinated by technology and its evolving impact on society, and enjoys bringing an eclectic viewpoint to the Viaccess-Orca blog. Something of a late bloomer, he was awarded a First Class BSc from the Open University in his early 40s. He lives and dreams of faster broadband in the middle of the English countryside.

Recent Posts

Android Fragmentation: The Problem That Won’t Go Away

Tue, Oct 17, 2017 | by Andy Stout

The huge challenge that Android Fragmentation presents and why operators need solutions such as the standalone VO Player to combat it.

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Topics: OTT TV

Highlighting the Content Discovery Crisis

Wed, Oct 11, 2017 | by Andy Stout

Viewers are watching more television than ever before but, according to new data, finding what they want to watch is becoming harder too.

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Topics: Content Discovery

How AI is Evolving and Affecting TV Broadcasters

Fri, Oct 6, 2017 | by Andy Stout

One of the big meta themes from this year’s IBC was the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how AI TV and Machine Learning will impact every level of the industry. 

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Topics: Analytics

Touchdown! The Changing Face of Sport and SVOD

Wed, Sep 20, 2017 | by Andy Stout

For so long the cornerstone of broadcast offerings, is sport losing its Midas-touch with broadcasters while at the same time being wooed by new SVOD and social players?

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Topics: TV Everywhere, OTT TV

How to make video streaming services stickier

Tue, Aug 8, 2017 | by Andy Stout

Some new data has emerged from analyst TDG in the US which could have valuable implications for anyone seeking to make their own video streaming services stickier than their competitors. The data concerns Hulu and how a survey of US broadband users reveals its popularity amongst its user base, especially when mapped against the same question asked of Netflix and Amazon Prime SVOD subscribers.

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Topics: OTT, OTT TV, OTT Streaming

Millennials and Gen Z Choose OTT TV Services over Pay TV

Mon, Jul 31, 2017 | by Andy Stout

It was perhaps only a matter of time, but a new survey says that, if asked to choose between SVOD and traditional Pay TV, the majority of under 34 year-olds will opt for OTT. As SVOD numbers grow so too do the services’ popularity.  Netflix’s latest numbers suggest that it has broken through the magic 100 million barrier alone, thanks to an accelerating uptake overseas.

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Topics: OTT, OTT TV, Pay TV

Video Streaming Services: All Change as Apple Chooses HEVC

Tue, Jul 4, 2017 | by Andy Stout

Apple’s move from the H.264 codec to HEVC (H.265) is going to free up a lot of bandwidth as 1 billion active iOS devices become vastly more efficient.

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Topics: Mobile video

How TV Everywhere is Evolving and Its Services are Becoming Skinnier than Ever

Wed, May 31, 2017 | by Andy Stout

One of the interesting aspects of the shifting power structures within the industry is that operators are increasingly able to choose the channels they want — and only the channels they want. This means that the shape of TV Everywhere services is changing.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere

OTT Solutions: How will they evolve? 

Tue, May 2, 2017 | by Andy Stout

There is no doubt that television is an expensive business, and not just making it but distributing it as well. The BBC, for example, spends 6% of its licence fee income — some £210 million every year — simply on distributing content. This makes OTT Solutions not only attractive in terms of giving viewers what they want for operators, but also in saving costs.

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Topics: OTT, Satellite

Content Protection in Cloud TV and Why it Matters

Fri, Apr 7, 2017 | by Andy Stout


One of the factors that is often referred to when accounting for the electronic entertainment industry’s comparatively slow movement towards the cloud is worries about content security. When it comes to the production of its content, the industry has quite rightly insisted on powerful Content Protection protocols being established to make sure that increasingly sophisticated video piracy operations cannot intercept and steal its material.

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Topics: Content Protection, cloud TV, Youtube, anti-piracy legislation, Content, Industry, piracy, Streaming piracy, SVOD


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