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Efrat Fenigson

Efrat Fenigson was the Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Viaccess-Orca. After several years as a computer programmer, Efrat understood her passion is not in creating technology, but rather in creating conversations about it. Previously, Efrat founded and ran the “New Media” sector in the Israeli Export Institute (IEICI), helping hundreds of Israeli start-ups take their first steps in global business. Efrat blogs about the pay-TV and over the top (OTT) markets, about users' behavior and expectations in today's multi-screen and second-screen reality, and about content protection/piracy. Efrat holds a BA in Computing from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Recent Posts

2016: The Year Virtual Reality Becomes Reality - Viaccess-Orca

Thu, Mar 24, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson


It’s always difficult to know exactly when a new technology is going to break through to mass market adoption, but all the indications are that 2016 will be the year that Virtual Reality moves beyond simply hype to genuine products.

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Topics: Virtual Reality, OTT, TV Everywhere, VR, Content, Content Discovery, Content service providers, Events, Industry, multi-screen, Multiscreen, NAB, Pay TV, Sony, User Experience

Televisium - When Content and Context Harmonize to Produce Next Generation TV Services

Mon, Mar 7, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson


If Content is still truly King, then that King is growing every day.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, DRM, Connected Sentinel, Content, Industry, Multiscreen, Netflix, RiGHTv, sky, telcos, TVaaS, TVE

Six Things to Consider When Evaluating Cloud TV Platforms

Mon, Feb 29, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson


Given the speed with which it has reshaped many industries, including our own media and TV industry, it is fairly astonishing to consider that cloud computing in its modern form is under a decade old. Amazon Web Services announced its Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) in August 2006, thus popularising the term and stating that “Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use”; Gartner released its influential report Cloud Computing Confusion Leads to Opportunity in June 2008 and said that cloud computing would become as influential as e-business and in the years since we have travelled to the point where,  cloud apps will account for 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, cloud TV, Cloud, Cloud TV platform, Content, Content Discovery, Content service providers, Industry, IPTV, multi-screen, Multiscreen, Pay TV, pay TV operators, PayTV, Portfolio, Second Screen, TVaaS, User Experience

Who is the Real King of Television - Content or Context?

Tue, Feb 2, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson


In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay which was published on the Microsoft website, titled “Content is King”. Although the original phrase is attributed to Sumner Redstone, Chairman of the Board of National Amusements, Gates’ following words are a good jumping off point for an examination of how things have changed in the two decades since he wrote them:

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Topics: OTT, VOD, Content, Content Discovery, Industry, Portfolio, Social TV, User Experience

The TV Industry in 2016 — The Increasing Speed of the Cloud

Sun, Jan 24, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson

The broadcast industry had to adapt to many changes in recent years as it has increasingly embraced IT technologies, but only few had the degree of impact that the cloud is currently having. 

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Topics: OTT, cloud TV, IPTV, pay TV operators

The TV Industry-2016 - The Importance of Personalization

Tue, Jan 5, 2016 | by Efrat Fenigson

In November 2015, the Harvard Business Review published a far-reaching article by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer titled Competing on Customer Journeys that encapsulated well the problems of catching the interest of newly empowered consumers. These, the narrative goes, have become used to mining information resources, abandoning any semblance of brand monogamy in a proactive quest to get the best prices and best services for themselves. Effectively they go on a journey, engaging in an extended consideration and evaluation phase which can lead to a purchase decision or can take them elsewhere.

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Topics: content personalization, Content Recommendation, personalization

The TV Business in 2016 - The Importance of Business Agility | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Dec 10, 2015 | by Efrat Fenigson


One of the things we’ve mentioned several times on our blog is the fact that the pace of technological change is accelerating. But perhaps one of the key points we haven’t emphasised enough is that that acceleration is more pronounced in the broadcast industry than it is for many others. Which means that coping with it is that much more difficult

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, Cloud, ibc2015, Industry, IPTV, pace of change, technological change, time to market

OTT Subscription Services Lead to New Types of Content

Thu, Nov 19, 2015 | by Efrat Fenigson


While the growth of OTT subscription services continues to work its transformative powers on business models across the global broadcast industry, attention is starting to turn to the effect that OTT and its associated TV Everywhere paradigm will have on content.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, VOD, Youtube, Content, Deloitte, Industry, Netflix, Verizon

The Industry in 2020: Smart Marketing – the Power to Engage and Retain TV Viewers

Mon, Nov 2, 2015 | by Efrat Fenigson


Many industries have embraced advanced marketing strategies in recent years, in order to communicate with their consumers in a way that will match their expectations and will increase their interest, adoption and engagement levels.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, Content, Content Discovery, Content service providers, Events, Industry, Multiscreen, Pay TV, pay TV operators, predictions, Second Screen, Smart TV, Social TV, TV, TV Leaders Summit, User Experience

How Social Media Accelerates Piracy

Fri, Oct 30, 2015 | by Efrat Fenigson


One of the main problems that broadcasters and service operators face in the current climate is that shifts in piracy over the past handful of years have seen it move from a post event process to a live one; from BitTorrent to Periscope and Meerkat

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Topics: Anti-piracy, Content Piracy, Content service providers, Eye on Piracy, live streaming piracy, sports piracy


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