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5 Ways to Shape the Multi-Screen
User Experience (2012)

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We're sitting in front of the TV with a 2nd screen in our hands, whether a tablet or smartphone. We haven't taken any Ritalin but we can't stop fidgeting. We're ready for action. And our numbers are growing month by month. According to experts, 65%-75% of us are already part of this movement. If those numbers are true, then why not take the step of creating an engaging 2nd-screen experience? And by 'engagement' we mean fun, excitement among consumers and monetization opportunities for operators.

In this webinar we explore ways to engage users with the 2nd screen while watching TV and we address the 'fun factor' and monetization options -- the way we see them. We discuss multiple ways to enhance TV viewing time with a 2nd screen and we look at how such experiences can transform the way we think of TV. Topics covered in this webinar:

  • 2nd screen follows TV to provide real-time enrichment and interaction with TV
  • The realm of post-view exploration and monetization
  • A whole new way for TV content discovery on tablets and smartphones
  • Adding a social twist to TV via other screens
  • Let 1000 screens bloom - how tablet usage can provide a platform for a new breed of content provider